Co-produce and co-promote shows with us

We are looking for bands making original music to perform and partner with on upcoming shows. Please read our booking philosophy and approach to see if this is right for you.

Short explanation

We work with other acts to co-produce/co-promote shows, using the collective effort of 2+ acts to book venues and promote the shows.

Why co-produce shows

When it comes to original music, we believe original acts are better served by playing short sets, avoiding pay-to-play and ticket pre-sales,sharing the expense of promotion, and leveraging the effort and power of multiple acts promoting the show.

Shorter sets

35-40 minutes sets are a better way to attract new listeners when playing original music. If you have great material but it is new to the listener, it is better to leave them wanting more.

No pay-to-play

There is zero benefit to playing a Hollywood/LA Club mid-week and where you are responsible to sell tickets. Particularly, if the first 10/20 tickets go to the "promoter" who booked you. He/she is not truly a promoter - with a strong mailing list and press contacts. They are simply schedulers - adding bands to a roster in a venue that is mostly empty mid-week.

It is far better to play an off-location venues at reasonable times and to promote/produce the show yourself.

Pay-to-Play is a scam. Bands typically beg friends and family to come see them play - gaining no benefit and no true new listeners.

Pay-to-Promote is perfectly acceptable and an intelligent way to have control and get the most out of your shows.

Multiple Acts & Promotion

You are your own record label, manager, promoter, and producer. Promote and produce a show with other acts and you share any expense and gain the power of multiple people promoting the show.

How it works

  • I approach and book the venue, letting them know I have 2 or 3 acts for the evening
  • I approach you (and other acts we perform with) to offer the show
  • All of the acts on the show determine whether any tickets or door will be charged
  • All of the acts determine if any money will be spent on advertising and promotional materials
  • All the acts promote the show with a shared Facebook event, adding it to their respective calendars, and posting about the show on social and in their newsletter.

What I do

I'll do more than my share of the heavy-lifting. I'll create events, posters, graphics, etc. I'll manage printing, advertising online, and even hiring street team/people to distribute materials at the venue a week or two prior to the show.

I am happy to accept any assistance with any of these activities.

  • Any expenses are pre-determined and shared
  • I make $0 in this process. The only expenses are true hard-expenses. (printing, CD creation, etc.)
  • If tickets or door charges occur, they first go to hard-expenses and then are distributed evenly to all acts
  • Acts can (and should) sell their own merch at any shows

If you are interested

Please contact me using the form below. Please provide the best way to contact you, the name of your act, your website, and any other pertinent information.