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This Star-Spangled Life of Mine (Star-Spangled Life) was written by Matthew Moran as a tribute to the troops. The song was inspired by conversations between a mother and her son, an Army soldier in Iraq. It evokes images that capture the often confusing fear, boredom, excitement, nostalgia, and loss of the soldier.

This song has resonated with soldiers, their families, and those who support them. It is our honor to have the opportunity to perform this song as part of our set but especially for those events honoring and directed toward the American soldier.

Below are the lyrics and a pre-final mix studio recording of the song.


We are in the studio working on a completed mix of this song. Please enjoy this rough studio mix of This Star-spangled Life of Mine

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This Star-Spangled Life of Mine
Copyright © 2011 - Matthew Moran

Boots on the ground, dust in the air
Sometimes I wake up at night and think what the hell am I doing here

But day after day I toe the line
Dreamin’ about that girl back home, my family, and those friends of mine

Some days I’m lonely, some days I’m scared
Most days I’m just bored out of my mind
I’ve seen the red glare of rockets, bombs bursting in air
I pray that proof will see me through the night

I’m not trying to be a hero. I’m only trying to survive
This Star-Spangled Life of Mine

My buddies John and Del, both served their time
One is pushing paper down in New Orleans, one is pushing up daisies in Birmingham

I promised them I’d visit, It’s what I hope to do
A promise born of selfishness. I pray to God I make it through

This is for the ones who never make it home
This is for the ones that do but leave something of themselves behind
This is for the prayers of those who wait for the return
The fear, the pride, the worry, and the love

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